Where are they now?

Our former Tech Trek Camp Hopper campers have gone on to do amazing things. Hear some of their stories and how Tech Trek has impacted them.

“Attending Tech Trek has changed my life forever. Being a part of the group and interacting with girls around me who were just as excited as I was allowed me to develop my interests in an incredibly supportive environment; the friends and memories I made still reflect in the classes I take now and the perspective I have of the world. It was an opportunity I will not forget and wouldn’t trade for anything.”

   – Mandy, Tech Trek camper in 2015 and counselor in 2018 and 2019


“In 2013, two students from my middle school were selected to go to Tech Trek where a love for engineering and a desire to pursue STEM was first impressed upon me. Four years later, as I walked into my high school Engineering and Applied Physics Honors class on the first day of school, excited for the first taste of a future studying my passion, I noticed that  I was one of only two girls in the class of over thirty students. And the other student was my Tech Trek comrade from long ago! My friend and I partnered up, determined to meet the challenge head on. And we realized that it was Tech Trek that had given us the ability to explore and the confidence to pursue careers in the STEM world. Now that I am in my sophomore year at Northwestern University pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering I just want to say “Thank You!” to everyone who made my time at Tech Trek possible!”

   – Molly, Tech Trek camper 2014 and counselor in 2017 and 2018


“Tech Trek has really made such a big difference in my life. As a camper, I was inspired to take higher level math and science classes, and I think that had it not been for Tech Trek I might not be as interested in math as I am now. Coming back as a counselor was another great experience; I’d say that I had as much fun, if not more, being able to help out at camp and seeing everything from a different perspective. It was great being around girls my age and older to see what I can aspire to be in just a few years.”

– Yasmine, Tech Trek camper in 2016 and counselor in 2019


“Tech Trek not only exposed me to fields of science that I didn’t know existed, but it also gave me the confidence I needed to continue exploring these disciplines long after the program ended. Being surrounded by girls that adored STEM the way I did encouraged me to pursue my interests rather than shy away from them. Building my confidence in STEM at a young age, I now have no hesitation in taking challenging classes like biotech research or applying for internships. Tech Trek set the foundation for everything I have and will accomplish.”

– Bella, Tech Trek camper in 2016 and counselor in 2019


“I really don’t think you ladies truly understand how much of an impact this program had on my life. After being a camper at Tech Trek, I really fell in love with the opportunities present in the world of STEM for women. It never clicked before how few the number of women in the STEM realm really is. In my current math courses this has especially been dawning on me since I’m one of seven girls in a calculus class of thirty… It was actually after my time as a counselor at Tech Trek that I fell in love with chemistry!! I was able to talk with a couple of speakers behind the scenes and I was hooked. So, I am currently pursuing a Chemistry degree at Santa Rosa Junior College and debating on whether or not I want to minor in math.”

– Victoria, Tech Trek camper in 2014 and counselor in 2017


“I truly appreciate how Tech Trek kept me involved in STEM throughout high school and drove me to take challenging AP and honors STEM courses. Now as a freshman in college, I have an advantage academically and personally because of the growth that started at Tech Trek and has continued to the present as I pursue higher education. The bonds that I, and the campers, form every year at Tech Trek are so unique and can only be fostered in such a supportive environment that all of the staff and campers create together.”

– Tori, Tech Trek camper in 2014 and counselor in 2017 and 2019